Graphic Design Process

Creating Your Graphic

1. Sample Expression

The client shall provide My Media Professional with clear instructions, descriptions, illustrations and/or samples in accordance with the desired design.  If My Media Professional deems the instructions, descriptions, illustrations and/or samples unclear, further inquiry into the overall look/outcome of the design will take place.

2. Construction

A design is created based upon the specific parameters of the client and delivered via email.  The client will receive one design.

3. Revision

Two revisions are permitted to the design.  A revision is defined as change in typography, layout, theme or general characteristic.  A separate fee is included if additional revisions are requested.  My Media Professional reserves the right to determine what constitutes an additional revision.

Changes, edits or other requested services must be afforded two business days for completion.  My Media Professional reserves the right to extend time of completion for any service dependent on the conditions of said service.  A ‘rush’ fee will apply to services requested within these limits.

4. Completion

The client is sent a completed watermarked design.  Once the client gives consent to finalize the project they will be sent a zip file containing the unadulterated design under standard file-types.  If the client so chooses to revise the graphic at any time beyond the point of completion, such work will be constituted as a separate fee.