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Storytelling and Your Message

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The Importance of Storytelling


The internet is a breeding ground for quick facts, info-graphics, blurbs and percentages all served on a loud, entangled dish to the digital consumer. Yes, eyes (and hopefully brain) may willingly receive the boundless bombardment of hasty one-line nuggets of information, but how much material is actually absorbed? More importantly, how much of that information resonates? A quick fact and picture captures the eye, but without the coupling of a good story the imagination remains untouched.

We live in a time of rapid information saturation. Poignant quotes come and go in the blink of an eye. Info-graphics containing powerful messages are shared and discussed on social media only to be obnoxiously replaced and forgotten the following day. Even major online news outlets are scrambling to keep their material in front of the public. It’s an inescapable fact that the competition for the consumption of information is heating up. But, “consumption” can be deceiving.

Consuming a large collection of facts is not the same as connecting with them. A laundry list of novelty data can be exciting, but that collection fails to satisfy the vital need for connection.

Connection is achieved through storytelling.

Stories go beyond facts and theories. A expertly crafted story is a memorable journey that takes the reader by the hand and guides them to a revelation. The connection achieved through storytelling ensures that what is told (whether agreed upon or not) stays with the reader/listener/viewer for a great deal of time. Going beyond the facts and illustrating your point, stories offer depth, vibrance and strength to your message.


The Appeal Of Your Story

The true strength of storytelling comes from its unique ability to trigger emotions and senses. There is a common desire for connection and relation we all share. This desire, this thirst can be comfortably quenched by an evocative story. Tapping into emotion is something data and blurbs simply cannot effectively do. There is a unity and purpose people experience when absorbing a good story. A feeling is shared, and whether that feeling is good or bad, there is an excitement in the awareness of sharing it.

The personal touch thrives in storytelling. A complex and theme-driven story leaves all those who grasp it with a sense of completion. A sense of fulfillment even, for a captivating story not only appeals to the mind and imagination, but to the emotions.

Emotions are powerful.

We all know this, but somehow experiencing an enthralling story delivers a great and necessary reminder. There is no ephemeral rinse and repeat cycle that comes with quick blurbs and factoids on Facebook. Storytelling has the potent superpower of eliciting an emotional response and such a thing secures a committed memory.


Choose your medium

So does storytelling apply only to the written word?

Absolutely not.

Video popularity has skyrocketed in the information age and audio podcasts enable people to listen to stories on the go. Video has the potential to offer a deeper connection through both visual and audio modes. A video offers the opportunity to create a captivating story while leaving room for novelty techniques. This marriage of story and novelty can deliver mighty amplification to your business.

Podcasts are now in full swing. Storytelling is made exciting and emotionally expressive when the storyteller can be clearly heard. As a downloadable audio file, podcasts can be enjoyed practically anywhere. Your story, your business can be heard while driving to work, waiting for a flight or (worst case) in line at Walmart.

Storytelling is far from being exclusively tethered to the written word. As technology changes, so may the mediums in which people deliver their messages and stories. One thing, however, remains unchanged; the effectiveness of the story itself.

Our social tendencies generate a curious thirst for knowledge about ourselves and others. Storytelling satisfies that thirst for connection, that desire for commonality of the human experience, through vibrant structure and complex discoveries. A deeper experience is gained through stories as opposed to facts, percentages and blurbs. A message can be carried on its own through a story and remembered for years to come. Embolden your company with a crafted story. Involve storytelling to the items of your business. Leave it to My Media Professional and we can offer you something that won’t soon be forgotten.

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