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Take Control Of Your Web Presence

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Website Management | 0 comments

Starting Out

You have a website.

Congratulations! You have officially marked your digital territory, planted your flag on the megabit mound and effectively joined the active online ranks! It’s officially time for you to turn to your 180 million brethren and proclaim yourself KING OF THE INTERNET. Because you’ve done it!

Well… almost.

Remember a sentence ago (time flies doesn’t it?) when we talked about the 180 million brethren thing? I didn’t just conjure up the biggest number I could possibly imagine (my record is 180.1 million) that 180 million is the estimated number of active websites today.

“But blog-writer” You may be asking yourself and whomever is in your immediate vicinity, “How am I supposed to compete with the likes of 180 billion websites!?”

First of all your numbers are way off and secondly I’ll admit it’s not all that bad.

You see as we’ve discussed previously the visibility of your website is key. You don’t want to drown in the bottomless ocean of search engines, never to be seen or experienced by the casual internet user. You must climb the ranks and stake your claim on the first page.

Luckily we here at My Media Professional believe it’s crucial to supply you with a few hacks to help your church’s website reach and remain at the first page.

Sit back, relax, put on some music and feast your eyes on some easy-to-digest bullet point reading.


Keep Websites Updated

Review the entire site and make sure every page is up to date once a month.


Create 1-2 new web pages with rich content every month

As we’ve discussed before, quality content is paramount. Add pages like:

  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Our Story
  • Media


Create a new Blog 1-2 times a month

  • Include photos and video
  • Write original content


Post 1-3 Videos a month to YouTube

Add links back to your website. These posts need to be filled with rich keywords in the descriptions.

  • Service Videos
  • Event Videos


Social Media

Post 2-4 times a week to both Facebook and Twitter

  • Event/Project announcements – 3/2/1 week out and day before
  • Special announcements
  • Project announcements

Post to Instagram 2-4 times a week

  • Event photos
  • Activity project photos
  • Team building photos


Update Calendar (if needed)

Add full descriptions and images (2 times a month)


Update Testimonies once a month

It’s important to showcase your testimonies. Adding the human element makes a difference.


Don't Be Overwhelmed

Don’t worry, we are here to help! Anything you need from video, graphics and pictures to full website design is our specialty. We are here to take your multimedia approach to the next level.